Teak Cabinet Maintenance Tips and Ideas

Wood cabinets generally come in a wide range of variety. It also includes affordable teak and eco-friendly cabinet. Furthermore, teak cabinet is the most popular among other types of wood. However, it needs time to maintain the teak as the main material. As you know, teak is an extremely durable wood that needs little care or maintenance. It makes teak is perfect for any kind of furniture including the cabinets.

Maintaining Teak cabinet

Well, teak is generally sold in two types like treated with oil and another is left in its natural form. If it’s untreated, it will have a silver-grey color tone that’s preferable for most people. Others may prefer to maintain the original version of golden honey color tone. There are some methods you can carry on to treat your teak cabinet as well. Regardless of this beautiful look, teak wood remains a high-quality and strong material choice for your cabinet along with accent.

Teak naturally has a resistance to rot and mold. Nevertheless, if it is not cared for it can also mildew over the wood surface. Cleaning it regularly can prevent discoloration on both untreated and treated teak wood. You can do this simple way like washing it with soap mixed with vinegar and water gently. Ensure to use a plastic brush rather than the metal one as it can damage and scratch the surface of the wood.

If you find hard stain on your teak wood cabinet, you can remove it by using teak cleaner you can buy at store. When it comes to clean your teak, just keep in mind to start with solution of mild cleaning. If it does not work, try using other technique.

Using a drop cloth as well as cleaning it at the ventilated space is the best part to start with. Afterward, apply the cleaning mixture over the cabinet using a plastic brush and then scrub it gently. Allow it to sit for more than fifteen minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with water.

Another tips for your teak cabinet maintenance is by oiling it. In fact, this method won’t protect your cabinet. On the other hand, it enhances natural golden color of the wood. It’s such the best option for indoor furniture like your teak cabinet as the location is steadier. A paint brush is used to oil the wood in flat strokes. Wipe it up with a mineral spirit dampened cloth to excess the oil on the cabinet.