Cowhide Rugs Are The Ultimate Rug For Your Home

What kind of decor does a rug from cow skin best complement?
If you’re looking for something that will bring the cautious decor of your home or office to life and think a cowhide throw rug might be the answer, you’re right. Cowhide is a raw material that grabs your attention because it’s shockingly natural. Few additions to a room can add such a distinctive yet rustic touch. Cowhide rugs are more durable by far and outlast those that are mass manufactured. They’re cozy. In fact, it’s close to impossible to enter a room with a cowhide rug on the floor and not want to curl up on it.

What exactly is cowhide?

Cowhide is synonymous with cow skin or flesh. While many who own carpet made from it appreciate having a design element that’s straight from nature, the best tanneries are expert at eliminating hints of a cow hide’s barnyard origins by salting and airing it. Tanneries often have their own tried and true methods to treating cow hides. Not all cowhide is equal in quality. Tanneries sort and hand-select those that are the best for interior decoration.

Are there major variations in cowhide in terms of appearance?

Each piece of cow skin that hangs in a tannery is unique in size and shape. The fact that no two are the same makes each rug that’s created truly special. Some cowhide is “hair-on,”which means it actually possesses the original hair of the cow it comes from. “Hair-on” rugs are some of the most sought after due to their smoothly tactile quality. Some cow skin is dyed. Finish can also be painted on a cow skin after it’s polished. Cowhide rugs can lend a certain air of refinement. They can also give a room an eclectic intensity. They’re unbelievably versatile and evoke a myriad of impressions. The effect one can have on the room it’s in can run the whole gamut from earthy to elegant.

How can cow skin be cleaned?

Cleaning a rug made from cow skin isn’t particularly complicated. Running a hand vacuum over one is a fast and effective method of removing dust and crumbs from it. The beauty of having any throw rug is that it can be easily lifted and given a good shake. A variety of shampoos especially formulated for cow skin are on the market. The most common cleaners have the same formulation as those used to clean articles of leather. Simply hanging your rug on a clothesline afterwards will dry it. Cow skin is rugged. Most food and drink stains can be removed with a few dabs of vinegar and water solution, which is another reason why carpet made from cow skin is so ideal for spreading across the floor of a living room, office or library.

A cowhide rug can enhance a room of neutral colors. It can provide balance to a diverse design scheme. It would be difficult to find another style of rug that provides the same vibrance or complements so many different types of decor. Click here for more information.