Choosing a new boiler: Finding the right sized boiler to keep your home cosy

What size of boiler will I need? Wait – boilers have different sizes? Wouldn’t a new boiler be the same size as the old boiler? Boilers do come in different sizes, but it is not the actual size and dimensions of the unit itself, the size refers to the output of the boiler. Still confused? Let’s take a look at boiler sizes and how and why choosing the right size can improve your home.

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Does size matter?

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In the world of boilers, yes it does. If your boiler is the right size for your home and your needs, then it will work perfectly without incurring any extra costs. If the boiler size and the output is too small, then it won’t heat your home properly. If the boiler is too big with too much output, then you will be wasting energy and therefore, paying over the odds on your energy bills – A modern boiler will keep your home running more efficiently.

Determining the right sized boiler.

The size of boiler depends on several factors. How many rooms are in your house? How many radiators? Have you more than one bathroom? How many are living in the property? All these will have an effect on what your new boiler needs to do. Have a look around your house, count the radiators, think about your family and its needs, and inform your engineer when they come for a consultation. Consider your existing boiler size for reference, but also take in into account any home improvements. New windows, for example, or insulation.

Organising your new boiler.

Where to start with choosing the right company? A quick internet search for boiler installation Gloucester will give you a preview of those available to you, such as Always check that they are certified. To make sure you get the best deal, get at least three quotes so you can compare services and costs. Ask friends and family for a recommendation. In the plumbing and heating trade, reputation and recommendations are at the heart of the business.

With the right sized boiler for your home, you and your family can look forward to warm and cosy rooms, hot running water and relaxing baths, to keep the chills away this coming winter.