Wall Decal for Your Kid’s Bedroom Decoration


Redecorating kid’s bedroom is quite a challenge. It seems like they grow very fast that your little baby is now become a very active toddler. The once was baby room is no longer suitable for him because he already outgrown not only the baby crib but practically everything the baby room designed for. It is time to do redecorating the room to make it more accommodative for a child of his age. That means several new furniture that cost a lot of money leaving you only few budget for room decoration. In this situation wall decal becomes an interesting and cost efficient options for new decoration solution.

Decorating the room with wallpaper is ideal choice because it can make the bedroom looks great with suitable theme for children. But wallpaper is very expensive and it takes days to complete and even needs a professional to apply the wallpaper with perfectly neat result. In contrary, wall decal sticker can be instantly applied to the wall. There’s no need to change the wall paint as long as the wall is clean and even. The decal already has adhesive surface allows it to be applied within few minute and brings instant upgrade to room decoration. There’s no need to hire any professional. Since you already know how to applied a sticker on any surface, you are good to apply the decal on the wall.

Another great thing about wall decal sticker is it comes with so many designs and decorative styles. You can choose from tons of them including wall decal with theme and designs suitable for kids’ bedroom decoration. One of a good idea is Owl Wall Decals. Yes, kids do love owl these days, thanks to Harry Potter. Owl decals are varied in designs and styles. There is owl on the tree branches silhouette decals, owl illustration decals, or even owl cartoons. All with bright attractive color combinations to liven up the room.

Besides the owls, kids also love butterflies. Flying butterflies remind them to beautiful garden or valleys full of flowers and butterflies where they can run around free. Butterflies themes decoration can bring brighter atmosphere and joyful mood inside the kid’s room. Of course, you can find many beautiful butterfly wall decals. There are various types of butterfly illustrations, colors, and designs to choose. Who said butterfly won’t be suitable for male child bedroom? You will be surprised to find many butterfly decals your son would love.

Like any other parent, you want only the best for your child and that’s including the best quality wall decals to redecorating your son’s bedroom. Not only the decal will make the bedroom looks good but more importantly, the decals are made from materials 100% safe for children, that’s including the paint for the printing and the glue on the adhesive layer. The decals are also need to be durable and won’t easily fade or damaged. Where can you find that kind of wall decal? The answer is at Wall Decal Mall, the one stop wall decal online supplier.